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Tips For Passing A Hair Drug Test

The last thing that you need is to give up a job, study opportunity or lose a case that you really have been looking for or forward to because of one stupid drug mistake that you made. The chemicals in the drugs that you take are usually distributed all over your body and including the hair follicles, and this is a test to identify signs of the drugs that you may have used. This is a test that is used to identify the kind of drug’s that you have in the system, how long you have used them and how long ago, as every time that you take drugs the chemicals are distributed throughout the body and this includes the hair follicle. The hair follicle drug test also can detect most of the common drugs. While you may detox for the other type of the drug tests and you will be good to go, this one is a little more complicated to alter. It is an expensive drug test and hard to come by, and despite the difficulty and the accuracy, it is still possible to get around.

Passing this drug test is mostly about the timing. There is a little hope for the regular users, unlike the people that used the drugs once and recently who still can get past the test. While the drugs will stay on the hair follicles ninety days after using them, they also take like five days to get there and this means therefore that if you took them not more than the five days ago then there is still hope for you. One of the effective ways if through using a cleansing shampoo like 15 minutes before the test or use the macujo method. You should remember to change the pillow cases once the hair is clean too.

If you want to get past the test, you will have to think like the tester and avoid the things that they will smell fishy a mile away because they probably have been there before with other people and done that. One of them is shaving, first of all this will look suspicious and they will just tell the employer or the institutions that you couldn’t take the test. The other group of people use the bleach or the hair dye and this also you should know that will not affect the outcome of the results. The bleach and the hair dye also will not affect this drug tests as the drugs will still be detected. These tips will help you get better things out there because while you may have made a mistake, you do not have to surer too much for that.

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